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2017 Set: Celebrations!




Flamingo Rampant 2017 series:

MOONDRAGON IN THE MOSQUE GARDEN, written by El-Farouk Khaki and Troy Jackson, illustrated by Katie Commodore

Tajalli, Mujtaba, and Aasiya just want a break from adult conversations. They go to check out the old garden in their new mosque building, and end up making a new friend and learning an important lesson about caring for the earth.

THE LAST PLACE YOU LOOK, written by J Wallace Skelton, illustrated by Justin Alves

At Passover, Bubbie Rose and Bubbie Ida Flora’s tiny apartment overflows with children, grandchildren, and beloved friends. When it’s time for the afikoman, they look and look, but no one can find it. Everybody searches, and they find a great many other things, but where has it gone?

47,000 BEADS, written by Koja Adeyoha and Angel Adeyoha, illustrated by Holly McGillis

Peyton loves to dance, and especially at pow wow, but her Auntie notices that she’s been dancing less and less. When Peyton shares that she just can’t be comfortable wearing a dress anymore, Auntie Eyota asks some friends for help to get Peyton what she needs.

SUPER POWER BABY SHOWER! written by Tobi Hill-Meyer and Fay Onyx, illustrated by Janine Carrington

Roark flies, Nova can make fire, and Victoria can talk with her mind. Now, they’re also having a baby! At the baby shower, an urgent call comes in to Granny Awesome for help at the wolf sanctuary. The guests fly off to give their assistance and return to a wonderful surprise.

RACHEL’S CHRISTMAS BOAT, written and illustrated by Sophie Labelle

When Lulu’s Dad tells her that she’s going to change her name to Rachel and be a lady now, Lulu has a major worry: what if Santa doesn’t find out in time to fix all the tags on Rachel’s Christmas presents? Lulu decides to take matters into her own hands and make sure that her Dad gets the lovely Christmas she deserves for being a most wonderful person.

BELL’S KNOCK KNOCK BIRTHDAY, written by George Parker, illustrated by Sam Orchard

Bell is having a birthday, and all their friends and family are coming to celebrate! A simple counting book with lots of noises to make alone or together as the guests arrive with gifts and treats for the birthday Bell.


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